Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My journey to a Kindle

I was reluctant to buy an e-reader.  I love paper books; the smell, the experience of picking one out in the library or bookstore and even the wonderful *shhhp* sound of a page turning.  I enjoy the thrill of tearing into the mail when I find a used book that I've requested on  Each book seems to have a personality of its own and a life that I'm now a part of. 

My family and I pitched in to get my mother a NOOK as a gift and shortly thereafter, I started to envy her constant access to books.  Also, I'd noticed that the price of paper books were quite high and becoming a hindrance to my reading.  Something had to give, so began my journey into researching e-reader devices.

After considering features, prices and the ongoing costs of e-books, I decided on the Kindle Wi-Fi.  The transition hasn't been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  I still get lost in the stories I read and I don't miss turning the pages as much as I thought I would.  And I love checking out the free list when I can.  Sometimes I hit the lottery and find a great book or discover a new author that I like. 

 I bought this nifty cover from ByNanasHands on ArtFire.  She has a great selection here.
I still read quite a few paper books but I no longer pay for them.  If there's a book I just can't wait for, I'll download it.  Otherwise, I put it on my wish list on the swap site. 

I've already saved money with my Kindle.  The e-book versions are usually cheaper than the paper ones, plus I have access to loads of free books.  So if you're considering an e-reader but are afraid that you'll miss paper books, it's not that bad, I promise. 


Anonymous said...

I know how youars feel. I love paper books and said I was never going to buy a kindle, it would just ruin it. How could I read books in the bath tub (never mind that I haven't even bothered to take longs baths in years)

I got a job in NY and I'm oping trains, subways, etc and a kindle was perfect. I always have an extra book and no worrying about losing my page or no room. I also have starting reading again- I realized I haven't read much but the computer the past few years

RockBug said...

I said the same thing, Susan. And I too love being able to throw it in my bag and take it with me. It's especially great in waiting rooms and on commutes, like yours.