Thursday, March 17, 2011

Featuring Ellymm on ArtFire

Another member of the You Can Sell It Guild, Ellymm, has a unique mixture of items in her studio. One thing that jumped out at me, while I was exploring her studio, was her energy. It seems that she's up for just about anything!

Her beaded necklaces are gorgeous and eye catching.  If earrings are more your style, she has a variety of those too. These 2 sets really stood out to me, black with silver wire work earrings and gold wire wrapped earrings.

I especially love her Vintage Jewelry section. This vintage Gold Fish Brooch from the 50's, is one of my favorite items from Ellymm's studio.

So drop by Ellymm and have fun exploring all the fun items that she offers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ArtBySunfire on ArtFire

This week's featured artisan is ArtBySunfire.  I had so much fun exploring her studio.  She offers unique and useful items.  And who couldn't use a little help staying organized?  

These Recipe Card Boxes are so lovely that you can feel confident displaying them out on your kitchen counter.  I usually keep my old beat up one stashed away in a cabinet.  And one of my favorite items, an Index Card Planner, will help keep your life in order when things get hectic.  I love the little dividers, they allow you flip to what you need immediately.

While checking out her items and getting to know her a bit through her bio page, I could tell that she really enjoys her work.  I love it when an artisan truly loves what they do and it shines through in her creations.  So go check out ArtBySunfire, I bet you'll find something to help make life a bit more fun.