Thursday, April 7, 2011

Featuring JoyciesJems

I really enjoyed exploring JoyciesJems handmade jewelry studio.  Her beautiful lampwork beads immediately caught my eye.  This sterling silver glass lampwork bracelet is a wonderful example of her work.  She has a great eye for colors and it shows in this piece.

On her bio page, she includes lots of info on how her jewelry and beads are made.  It really gives you a sense of how much work goes into each of her pieces.  Joyce finds inspiration in the mountains and sea around her.  I love reading about what inspires other artisans, it makes their work so much more personal.  

She offers international shipping, so even though JoyciesJems is located in Australia, we can all purchase her gorgeous creations.  

So go check out JoyciesJems, you won't be disappointed.