Thursday, June 23, 2011

A gift guide for the animal lover in your life

As a pet owner, I love tearing into a present to find that someone has thought of our little guys (or not so little Rockford).  I've found some awesome handmade items on ArtFire that would make excellent gifts for that animal lover in your life.  So go explore these wonderful studios and find that perfect gift! 

*  If your loved one has a rescued pet, help them show him/her off with a nifty hand stamped rescued tag set.  These attach easily to a collar or even a carrier for small pets.
Copyright RockBug

A fun and fabulous hat from SpoiledBratzwear:  I actually have a SpoiledBrazwear hat for our guinea pig, Kumar.  It's really cute and we're lucky that Kumar's a good sport about it. 


A custom piece of artwork featuring a favorite pet:  This would be great for any pet owner.  We all love our pets, whether they have fur, feathers or scales.  And CherilynnFineArt  does a little bit of everything.

*  And don't forget the feline parents out there.  A great catnip toy by FreyasFire is just the ticket for that cat lover.  You won't find these cute and unique toys in any store. 


*  A Dirty Dog Grooming set by essensu will help keep your loved one's pup smelling great.  If your friend/family member has a dog like Rockford who enjoys playing outside, they'll appreciate having some luscious shampoo around.

There are so many wonderful items that I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 5.  I may have to do a second edition of this one!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kumar and I weigh in on the Iris pet carrier

I recently purchased this Iris carrier for my guinea pigs.  After reading all the reviews I could find, I realized that there wasn't a lot of info available for small animal owners.

My little ones travel quite a bit as some of my vets are pretty far away.  So I'm always concerned about their safety and comfort.  The lid that can be opened completely was especially appealing to me.  Kumar took this out for a spin during his last trip to the vet.  Here's what we found:

Ventilation:  I checked the ventilation several times throughout the day and it was quite good.  However, we were traveling in a car, making things a bit easier to control.  Traveling with guinea pigs in warm weather can get very tricky, you should always take precautions.

Space:  19.2 X 13 X 12.2 inches  There's more than enough room for 1 guinea pig, 2 if they get along well.  Kumar had enough room to walk around and plow through his hay throughout the trip.
Construction/Security:  The plastic seems pretty durable.  The handles are more sturdy than I expected.  The main latches aren't as heavy as I would like but they seem to hold up well.  It's deep enough that even when Kumar stood up, he couldn't reach the top.

Ease of use:  This carrier is very easy to use.  The main lid made it easy to get Kumar in and out.  The smaller lid on the left is great for checking in on him and the little cubby hole on the right is nice for taking notes to the vet.  I also like that since it's all plastic, you can clean it easily.

Comfort:  Kumar was very comfortable and content but he's also an experienced traveler.  I had to toss the little piece of carpet that came with the carrier though.  I lined ours with a little fleece pad that I had on hand.

Overall:  I like this carrier, for our needs.  It's spacious without being difficult to carry and maneuver.  If you're looking for a carrier for your cavy or other small pet, you might want to check this one out.  Shop around for the best price though, I found ours for $20 online.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My journey to a Kindle

I was reluctant to buy an e-reader.  I love paper books; the smell, the experience of picking one out in the library or bookstore and even the wonderful *shhhp* sound of a page turning.  I enjoy the thrill of tearing into the mail when I find a used book that I've requested on  Each book seems to have a personality of its own and a life that I'm now a part of. 

My family and I pitched in to get my mother a NOOK as a gift and shortly thereafter, I started to envy her constant access to books.  Also, I'd noticed that the price of paper books were quite high and becoming a hindrance to my reading.  Something had to give, so began my journey into researching e-reader devices.

After considering features, prices and the ongoing costs of e-books, I decided on the Kindle Wi-Fi.  The transition hasn't been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  I still get lost in the stories I read and I don't miss turning the pages as much as I thought I would.  And I love checking out the free list when I can.  Sometimes I hit the lottery and find a great book or discover a new author that I like. 

 I bought this nifty cover from ByNanasHands on ArtFire.  She has a great selection here.
I still read quite a few paper books but I no longer pay for them.  If there's a book I just can't wait for, I'll download it.  Otherwise, I put it on my wish list on the swap site. 

I've already saved money with my Kindle.  The e-book versions are usually cheaper than the paper ones, plus I have access to loads of free books.  So if you're considering an e-reader but are afraid that you'll miss paper books, it's not that bad, I promise.