Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are you making a long drive this year?

I drive down to VA around the holidays every year to visit family.  Because I travel with our pup, Rockford, and a few of our special needs guinea pigs, I make an extensive kit (in addition to the car kit), just in case.  I include everything from food and water to heated blankets and a list of pet friendly hotels along the route.

I hope the weather will be more cooperative this year.  We ended up in a nasty snowstorm last year.  Once I made it to my family's home, it was beautiful to watch the snow fall.  However, it was not so enjoyable on the roads.  I've been making this trip 3 times a year, for 9 years and every drive is different.

If any of you are making a long drive this year, be careful out there.  And if you see a crazy lady in a teeny car, loaded with a dog, a few guinea pigs, and jewelry supplies, wave and say "hi"!

Here's Fiona to wish you a happy holiday season.